Friday, August 14, 2009

Per Belledame's request, we have puppy pictures.

As history...

Here is Abbie when we first got her from the animal shelter. As you can see, she was very, very skinny. About 11lbs, and that was after the shelter had been fattening her up for a week! [She arrived there at 7lbs, she's now 16lbs.]

She soon settled into the family, learned that she was safe, learned that her food would not magically disappear from her bowl and that there would be more later. Then, her natural instinct for cuddling came to the fore. If there was thigh, she would snuggle it. If there was a lap she would wiggle into it. No one was immune to her pleading looks and polite paw nudge to make some space on the sofa, the bed, or even the floor.

And then, she discovered the joys of romping and playing with other dogs. Particularly if other dogs were willing to run.

But eventually, winter came, and she hadn't put on enough when it was cold she didn't like to go out and play as much. So we had a coat made for her by the lovely people at Blue Willow who did a fantastic job. And thus winter was saved.

Time passed and Abbie became the star pupil in her daycare (okay, that's not really what that means, but we're going to pretend it is).

She put on a few healthy pounds and became secure enough in her food source that she would discriminate between organic and non-organic foods.

With the liberal use of chicken, she's learned how to not be frightened of other people, strange dogs, loud noises, plastic bags, cars, shadows, her pillow if the light changed...Instead she has become a wonderful family member who approaches life with such joy and abandon that spending time with her can't help but lift your heart.


  1. Very belatedly-sorry! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! :D :D :D

  2. :)

    It's not like I need an excuse to talk about my puppy. I'm worse than any mom. I assume everyone loves dogs and thinks Abbie is endlessly fascinating. :)