Wednesday, May 11, 2011


 I thought we were playing, why are you holding that thing?

 Look! Its a deer!

What's that over there?

You want me to do what?  I'm thinking...No.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The Battle of La Rochelle

This is going to be an open post if someone wants to discuss the porn issue brought up here:

This isn't going to modded much so please keep that in mind.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fashion is Mostly Deep

In an ideal world, fashion would be fun, an exercise in self-expression.  Alas, it is often another institution valuing whiteness, thinness, conventional attractiveness, and "appropriate" gender performance, among other things.  Then there's the flip know that whole economic exploitation thing  So I get where Gwen Stefani was coming from with:

"I think fashion is more of a fun sort of thing," Stefani says. "It's an expression of yourself and your personality and your mood, it's not something we take super deep."
But I think this is pretty damn deep:

"Fashion is of course an almost wholly feminized industry. Apart from a few men at the top, including manufacturers and retailers, celebrity designers and magazine publishers, it is and has been a female sphere of production and consumption...It comprises of six component parts: manufacture and production; design; retail and distribution; education and training; the magazine and fashion media; and the practices of consumption....Thinking across the fashion sector in this way also has the advantage of disaggregating what often seem like a series of starkly monolithic institutions." - Angela McRobbie, "Bridging the Gap:  Feminism, Fashion and Consumption," 55 Feminist Review 73 (1997).