Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fashion is Mostly Deep

In an ideal world, fashion would be fun, an exercise in self-expression.  Alas, it is often another institution valuing whiteness, thinness, conventional attractiveness, and "appropriate" gender performance, among other things.  Then there's the flip know that whole economic exploitation thing  So I get where Gwen Stefani was coming from with:

"I think fashion is more of a fun sort of thing," Stefani says. "It's an expression of yourself and your personality and your mood, it's not something we take super deep."
But I think this is pretty damn deep:

"Fashion is of course an almost wholly feminized industry. Apart from a few men at the top, including manufacturers and retailers, celebrity designers and magazine publishers, it is and has been a female sphere of production and consumption...It comprises of six component parts: manufacture and production; design; retail and distribution; education and training; the magazine and fashion media; and the practices of consumption....Thinking across the fashion sector in this way also has the advantage of disaggregating what often seem like a series of starkly monolithic institutions." - Angela McRobbie, "Bridging the Gap:  Feminism, Fashion and Consumption," 55 Feminist Review 73 (1997).

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